Transracial parenting manual

Click here for your FREE copy of an excellent resource to help think through the joys and challenges of transracial parenting. It’s in pdf format.

This resource manual was prepared by the Iowa Foster & Adoptive Parents Association.

Along with a treasure trove of other information, the booklet includes the text of a talk I gave back in 1990, “The Significance of Racial Identity in Transracially Adopted Young Adults.” It’s interesting to me that nearly 20 years later, the issues are still completely relevant to today’s adoptees (and their families), and that people still want to reprint that 1990 speech.

You also get several articles by my adult TRA sistah-friend, JaeRan Kim. If you have never visited her blog, Harlow’s Monkey, you should definitely check it out. JaeRan is an amazing and insightful writer on race, culture, and adoption.