(DVD) “A Conversation 10 Years Later”

Our movie, Struggle for Identity is now more than ten years old. Available now is the award-winning Special Edition version on DVD, which contains the first movie plus A Conversation 10 Years Later between Michelle Johnson and me.


“Bravo to John and Michelle, and bravo to NYSCCC on producing such a valuable video.” ~Ernesto Loperena, Exec. Dir., NY Council on Adoptable Children, Inc.

The DVD also provides bonus scenes of unused footage from the original 1997 shoot and from the updated shoot done in the summer of 2006. The DVD is an excellent training tool, since each film is 20 minutes long, ideal for a parenting class or in-service session for social workers, educators, and others.

On a personal note, I must say that I am proud to be part of such an acclaimed production, especially the new “Conversation 10 Years Later.” I hope these two films continue to be used widely in the adoption community and beyond.

Update, May 2008:

Awards won so far:

2007 Davey Awards, Gold Statuette – Social Issues
2007 Chris Awards, Honorable Mention – Family Relationships/Parenting
2007 Telly Awards, Silver Statuette – Social Issues
2007 Intercom Awards, Silver Plaque – Human Relations/Social Interest
2008 Communicator Awards, Silver Statuette – Social Issues

You can order the video or DVD here at Amazon.com.
Note: I personally make no profit from the sale of this training video.